A Tribute to Shah Lyla Baloch


A tribute to shah Lyla Bloch

Princess Shah Lyla Ahmadzai Baloch was born on 12 March 1996 in the city of Quetta and died on 12 October 2016 at the age of 20 years in a tragic car accident in Karachi. Lyla was professional footballer. She starts playing for Baluchistan club and after that she represent national women’s team.

In an interview, she said that the name Shah Lyla is a mixture of two language Balochi and Farsi. Shah means king while Lyla means the beauty of the night. Shah Lyla’s childhood was very interesting and inspirational for all of us. She was born in Karachi but raised in Quetta. She spent his childhood in Quetta which made him strong because She took part in many physical activities such as climbing mountains. Her love of sports was in her blood as her mother played for the hockey team while her father played football for Baloch clubs. In another interview she also mentioned that when his mother made the women's wing of football. She visited different houses and to the people to informed them about the importance of this sport for women. she went on to persuade parents to send their daughters to a game that was dominated for the boys. Pakistan, sports women are avoiding all difficulties, but they get little or no support like their male equivalent.

In our male dominated society, many aspiring girls those who are talented but do not get the approval from their families to prove their abilities in sports and show he real face of women to the world. Those People are so lucky who are surrounded by people who understand the importance of talent and appreciate them and courage them to make themselves successful in life. Shah Lyla was one of them.

Shah Lyla’s story is an inspirational story of the beginning of professional football for women in Pakistan. When Shah Lyla was seven years old, her mother Rubina Irfan, a well-known politician, was asked to form the women's national team. When rubina formed the team, her three daughters, including Shah Lyla herself, were the first three members. Shah Lyla elder sister Raheela Zarmain was player as well as appointed for manager designation of the national football team.

She appeared at the age of seven when she made her domestic debut in 2005 in the local club Baluchistan united and become the youngest female football player to feature in a national championship. on domestic level her elder sister raheela was a midfielder while shah Lyla was a forward player in the Baluchistan united. After that she played international in 2010 for inaugural SAFF contest. Her extraordinary talents earned her in the Maldives and she was the only player who bagged a hat-trick of goals in the Maldives tournament.

Her achievements:

Shah Lyla Baloch dedicated her life for the progress of women's football throughout the country and abroad as well and somehow She was succeeded in becoming the inspiration

·         She started playing football at the age of seven (7) and Received the FIFA Youngest Player of the Year award in 2005.

·         She was the first footballer to hit a hat-trick internationally in 2015 in Maldives championship.

·         Pakistan's best player of the match three times.

·         Major players since the formation of Pakistan's national women's football team in 2010.

She was such a talented player that he took no time to prove himself as a standard striker with his brilliant display of skills.

Aside from being an extraordinary footballer, she was a great pianist. She was a shopaholic and her favorite city to shop from was London. About his education she did her A-level and planned to continue her education at Newcastle University.

Many people openly stated that it was a quite good combination of beauty, mind and skill. she had a charming personality with strong willpower.

People who have seen her play remember her speed on the field and his passion for the game.

We cannot bring back those who are the pride of our nation, but we can always be moved by their invincible spirit. Shah Lyla broke the stereotypes and stood up for her choice. She gave all the young girls confidence and hope, and set an example of courage and never-before-seen behavior.  May Allah grant her soul in peace.

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