Pakistan and Freestyle Football


·       Football and Pakistan

Pakistan isn’t known for it’s football in general as it is not one of the most played sports in Pakistan and is frequently overshadowed by sports such as cricket but the growing culture of football in Pakistan can clearly be seen in different cities such as Karachi and Islamabad where the sport is flourishing with street football foot sole and football freestyling currently the NFA or National Football Association of Pakistan handles the football affairs of Pakistan and the Pakistan national team has also recently started to make a name for it’s self in the world of international football


·       What is football freestyling

      Football free styling is basically a way of self-expression of emotions and imagination by using the ball and different parts of the body to create a mean of entertainment for the person watching and a hobby by it’s self.

·       Football Freestyling in Pakistan

Football freestyling has been done in the world since the sport became a fan favorite as soon as it was introduced in the globe but it has taken a sudden and an increase in popularity in Pakistan as the young generation takes more and more interest in the sports hence making it flourish in the country and persuading the youngsters of this time to try the sport and skill for it’s self.

·       Freestylers of Pakistan

Pakistan has seen a sudden rise in the amount of freestylers and football players in general as some of the top football freestylers in all of Asia are currently a part of the Pakistani football community famous football names of the Pakistani community include world class players such as Ali Reza a young 23 year-old Pakistani football free style prodigy and one of the emerging names in world free style football Ali has solidified Pakistan’s football freestyle culture in the world and has also participated in multiple international competitions by top tier brands such as redbull & Gatorade  representing his country Pakistan.

·       Freestyle tournaments in Pakistan 

Pakistan has recently seen a sudden surge of footballers and freestylers in the last few years this has caused an increase in the amount of football freestyle and football competitions in general with seeing brands such as redbull inviting Pakistan to competitions such as “Red Bull Street Style” where freestylers from all over the globe are invited to fight for the redbull best freestyler trophy other locally held competitions are also taking place such as the “Lfs Champions” in Lahore and the “NAFC Freestyle Cup” in Islamabad such competitions have hefty prize money and encourage the youth to admire the sport even more and also encourages the unseen hidden talents of Pakistan to emerge and make a name for the country on the international stage.The freestyle football scene of Pakistan is taking a turn for the best as the popularity of the game increases by the second in the country.Even though Pakistan isn’t the most known country in the world due to it’s football but events and tournaments such as these help the country make the name for it’s self in the world of international football and bring the country and the multiple talents it has in the spotlight for the world to further see.

·       International participation in Freestyle competitions 

Currently the emerging prodigies of Pakistan can be seen in different international competitions flourishing the name of the country on the world stage and children such as ali reza,Saad khan,Waleed Khan are some of the few who have made it to the international stage and have represented Pakistan and Pakistan football and have won the hearts of millions along the way.The PFF is currently not funding any such players but they have caught the eyes of the government and hopefully will be funded by the Pakistani government soon and talents such as Ali will not have to use their own resources just to follow a dream of making their country successful and known.

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