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Pakistan's national football team constitute the Pakistan Football Association in FIFA's sanction events and its jurisdiction by the Pakistan Football Federation, the commanding body of football in Pakistan. Pakistan take part in the Asian Football fellowship in 1948 and became a member of FIFA and in 1950 they made their debut respectively.

Pakistan competes in the South Asian Football Federation Championship and the South Asian Games, which take turns. In 1952 Pakistan won the Colombo cup for their country. Pakistan has an outstanding record in the South Asian Games by winning 4 gold medals in 1989, 1991, 2004 and 2006 and one bronzes medal in 1987.

Pakistan has never participated in a major tournament outside the South Asian region. Due to the huge influence of cricket and hockey in Pakistan and South Asia in general, football has never seen its nobility in Pakistan.


In 1950 Pakistan made their international appearance on a tour of Iran and Iraq in October. Pakistan lost its very first game against Iran with the score of 5-1. Pakistan's next international match was against India in the Colombo Cup which ended in a goalless draw. In the 50's, Pakistan played internationally in the succeeding Colombo Cup editions, the Asian Games in 1954 in India, then in 1955 in East Pakistan, and in 1954 in the Philippines and in 1958 in Japan.

After that in the early 1960's, Pakistan produced one of the best players to make its mark on the field in the history of Pakistani football. Abdul Ghafoor Majna was dubbed "Pakistani Pele" and "Pakistan's Black Pearl". Ghafoor was part of the setup of Pakistan's national football team when it was included in the top 10 teams in Asia. According to the Express Tribune, he was "the last man alive since the days when Pakistan's football team was good enough to beat the USSR, UAE and China.

Three years before Pakistan played one more competitive match, when it played its first RDC Cup and finished third. Then they played a series of friendly matches against Saudi Arabia in 1967 which ended in a draw. At the end of the year, Pakistan lost to Burma and Khmer in their Asian Cup qualifiers and drew their final match against India. After that they hosted the second RDC Cup and finished third again, including a defeat of 4-7 to Turkey. In 1969, they traveled to Iran to participate in a friendly tournament, in which they won 2-1 against Iraq and lost a record 7-0 defeat by Iran.

A tear down destruction when in 1971 Bangladesh War of Independence, East Pakistan became The People's Republic of Bangladesh as a result the Pakistani team has lost the right to invite Bengali players. The national team's participation in the early 1970s was limited to the RDC Cup and the 1974 Asian Games, and the only friendly match against South Korea in 1978. The only point of attention during this time of spam was a draw of 2-2 against Turkey.

In 1982 Pakistan hosted a friendly tournament, which included Iran, Bangladesh, Oman and Nepal. The Green Shirts started 2-1 against Bangladesh. They lost to Iran, but came back and beat Nepal by 2-0. The last match against Oman ended in a draw and Pakistan ended the tournament as runners-up. However, in 1984, the national team lost 4 games out of 5 games in the Asian Cup qualifiers, the only victory being 4-1 against North Yemen.

Pakistan had another early knockout in the Asian Games by getting defeated in all three games in 1990. At the 1991 South Asian Games, Pakistan won its second gold by defeating Maldives. The first SAFF Cup later in the year, and the national team finished fourth.

Pakistan failed to win any of its 2000 Asian Cup qualifiers. In the 2003 SAFF Cup, Pakistan finished fourth, losing 2-1 in extra time. At the end of the year, Pakistan won its first Asian Cup qualifier 3-0 over Macau, but still failed to qualify.

Pakistan failed to qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, being knocked out by Bangladesh in the first round of the AFC Qualifying Section.In 2014, Pakistan played a two-match friendly series with India. All matches were played at the Bangalore Stadium in India. India took the lead in the series by defeating Pakistan 1-0 in the first friendly match, however Pakistan won the second match 0-2.

For 2018 FIFA World Cup, they had to face Yemen in Round 1 in the AFC Qualifying Section. In the first match, Pakistan lost 3-1. Yemen knocked Pakistan out of the tournament with 3-1.


·         Pakistan get suspended by FIFA in 2017 in October.

·         And in 2021 they get suspend by all activities by FIFA.


Initially pakistan had no football stadium they use cricket stadiums for practices but then in 2003 this problem was resolved when pff make Punjab stadium in Lahore.



The home kit of Pakistan national team has always been green shirt and white shorts. These colors are derived from the flag of Pakistan which is a green field with a white crescent moon. These kits are currently being developed by Forward Sports. Forward Sports is the official supplier of balls for the FIFA World Cup 2014 and FIFA World Cup 2018.


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