Pakistan National Team of Football(Women’s)


As the name say it all it represents women teams of football in Pakistan. In 2010 women’s national team was formed but still they did notThe team was formed in 2010 and has not yet participated in the AFC Women's Asian Cup or the FIFA Women's World Cup, but has competed in the first three editions of the two-year SAFF Women's Championship. Although their under-19 and under-16 have played AFC Qualifiers 2019 for their respective categories.


Pakistan's women's national football team made its debut in the 11th South Asian Games in Dhaka. Ishrat Fatima, a midfielder from Lahore's Department of Sports Sciences was the team's first captain. They played their first match against India on 31 January in 2010 at the Bangabandhu National Stadium. They also competed in the tournament against Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal, winning a walkover against Sri Lanka and losing the other two matches. They got 4th position out of 5th in the tournament.

In the same year in December 2010, the team, head coach, Tariq Lutfi, and the new captain, Sana Mahmood (central defender of Young Rising Star club) appeared in the inaugural SAFF Women's Championship at Cox's Bazar Stadium. In the second group B, they won against Maldives by the score of (2-1) and Afghanistan by the score of (3-0), but get historic defeated by Nepal by the score of (0-12). India was a against in the semi-finals but Pakistan lost by 8-0 as a result they was eliminated. In this tournament, Mehwish Khan became the first player to score a international goal for Pakistan in the match against Maldives. By seeing their good performance in these official matches, Pakistan secured their position in the FIFA Women's World Rankings for the first time on March 18, 2011. Now they ranked 121st in the world and 22nd in Asian countries.

In the early 2011, 4 members of the team (Abiha Haider, Roshan Ali, Sara Mumtaz and team coach Ishrat Fatima) traveled to the United States for two-weeks for FIFA Women's World Cup development program. They have attended seminars, meetings, workshops and practice sessions in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., and pay visit to the various local colleges and universities. The group was entertained by the US government at a special dinner at the White House to promote bilateral relations through the encouragement and enlargement of sports.

After that late in 2012, in September, the team participated in the second SAFF Women's Championship which was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Pakistan lost from Nepal by the score of (0-8) and Afghanistan as well by the score of (0-4) before get a satisfactory win against Maldives by the score of (3-0).

In October 2014 Pakistan played its first international friendly series against Bahrain. 3 matches were played at Rafah's Bahrain National Stadium in which Pakistan lost all of them, get white washed by Bahrain. The main reason of this friendly series was to prepared both teams for the upcoming 3 season of the SAFF Women's Championship.

In November 2014, Pakistan get the chance of hosting the SAFF Women's Championship, all matches played was at the Jinnah Sports Stadium in Islamabad. Pakistan faced defeat from Sri Lanka with the score of (1-2) and from the Nepal as well by the score of (0-2), but get victory against Bhutan with the score of (4-1), that was the occasion when Pakistan scored 4 goals for the first time in the history.


In the early 2018, the ban was uplift by FIFA and Pakistan has been given the opportunity to take part in the 2018 Asian Games and 2018 SAFF competitions as well. On April 7th, 2021, Pakistan get banned again with the immediate effect due to involvement of third party interference which is a violation of FIFA rules and regulations.


Initially there was no stadium in Pakistan but as time passes the interest of people increased. So, Pakistan built many stadiums all over the country so that they can get platform and show their talent to the world. National stadium is the largest stadium of Pakistan with the capacity of 34000 seats.

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