Faizan Sameer The First Pakistani to get a UEFA License


The head futsal mentor and supervisor of Group Eighteen in Pakistan, Faizan Sameer has been chosen for the UEFA Authentication in Football The board (CFM), alongside 34 different members from around the world.

He is the very first Pakistani to get chosen for the program.


The UEFA CFM is the establishment program for individuals in football associations who need to acquire an extensive comprehension of how the game is overseen. The program goes on for quite a long time, and involves ten web-based modules just as three eye to eye courses.


According to program subtleties, every module and up close and personal course tends to a vital space of football the board.


Faizan who figured out how to get a seat for the program, is as of now playing out the obligations of lead trainer for the futsal group called Group Eighteen. The said futsal crew has been made by Tarek Hamdy, and is likewise one of the main futsal clubs in Islamabad.


A similar group additionally won the Public Futsal Title 2021.


Faizan is likewise an entertainer and popular as an advanced substance maker. In a meeting prior, Sameer shared that he has been playing football since youth, and his fantasy is to turn into an expert footballer.


We have considered Faizan Sameer to be a well known advanced substance maker and famous for his carefree persona, however not very many individuals knew what he does as a task. Very much like his special character, Faizan Sameer's work is extraordinary as well. He is working for the eventual fate of football in Pakistan; Faizan Sameer is the lead trainer and administrator of Team Eighteen.


He is the primary member from Pakistan who has been chosen for UEFA CFM.


Just 35 members from around the globe were chosen in the UEFA CFM by following a careful choice cycle, Faizan Sameer got set up expertly, and conversely, he got a situation among football experts around the world. It's an impressive accomplishment and mind blowing for Pakistan, where there are not a great deal of assets for footballers.


As per Faizan Sameer, he has been playing football since adolescence, and his fantasy is to turn into an expert footballer. When he found the opportunity to work in Team Eighteen, he saw his blessing from heaven. Group Eighteen is fundamentally the futsal group that was made by Tarek Hamdy; the general reason for the program is to give a stage to players who can thrive in all parts of life.


Group Eighteen is one of the main futsal clubs in Islamabad for the players.


Pakistan has been denied of football for quite a while, yet the nation has the absolute most energetic players, and we hope everything works out for Faizan Sameer to empower and refine the picture of Pakistan in football. He means to carry the acts of European Football to Pakistan once he gets the accreditation. His complete course will address the vital space of football the executives with central information on individuals working in the football business.


Further more Faizan Sameer is responsible for highlighting football as a Football nation throughout the world and other than managing some of the best football teams in Pakistan such as team eighteen he is also a very talented and controlled football player on his own he is also a content creator and has also established himself as a name in the media industry of Pakistan Faizan Sameer is a famous name now in the Pakistan Football community as he has done a lot to establish the name of Pakistan as a Football nation in the whole world.He has not only just made his country proud but also the whole muslim nation around the world Faizan Sameer has worked very hard in the football field and that can be seen he is the manager of one of the most established and famed football clubs of Pakistan team eighteen is also considered as the best managed and most skilled team of Pakistan.

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