Concept of Turf Ground

Turf ground:

"A coating of synthetic fibres that resembles natural grass is known as artificial turf. It's a term for playgrounds where children used to play on grass. It's now being employed in both commercial and residential settings. Artificial turf's major purpose is to provide care for players in areas where they are subjected to heavy use, such as sports fields, and it does" not require irrigation or pruning. The grass has a hard time obtaining enough sunshine to keep healthy, but turf does not require that kind of specific care. Artificial turf has drawbacks, such as a short lifespan, the need for periodic cleaning, the usage of petroleum, and the use of toxic chemicals, all of which raise health and safety concerns."

"Artificial turf initially garnered notoriety in 1966, when it was put in a year-old astrodome. Monsanto created a chemical called "Chem-grass" that was used in turf grounds. Since then, the phrase has been synonymous with any artificial turf. Monsanto no longer owns the AstroTurf trademark, which is still registered."

"Second and third generation turf systems have essentially superseded first generation turf systems, such as short pile fibres lacking inflorescences. "Fibers and sand inflows distinguish the second generation of artificial turf systems, whereas inflows of a mixture of sand and recycled rubber distinguish the third generation artificial turf systems, which are the most extensively utilised nowadays."

"Types of turf: 

There are two type of turf grass:

  • Warm-season grass
  •  Cool season grass

"Select grass seed varieties that are appropriate for your climate and the amount of sunlight in your yard. Consider how much water your grass will receive and how well it will withstand drought. Native soil compacts the layers, whereas synthetic grass infills the E-layer pad."

Point of turf ground field?

"The main point of turf ground is to minimize the injuries, it is the most understated point of turf ground that some studies have shown that turf field have soften impact for athletes in result of that fewer injuries take place."

Turf ground approved by FIFA?

"FIFA has always favoured grass to turf. FIFA stated that every stadium in the world should have the same surface. It's long been a point of contention, but FIFA does not evaluate the grass pitch for the World Cup or professional tournaments because there are several criteria, according to FIFA."

  • The turf ground system was not approved by FIFA for the following reasons:
  • Artificial surfaces, they asserted, are less forgiving than grass.
  • Injury is a concern.
  • They argued that on artificial turf, balls travel and bounce differently.

"Although FIFA claims that turf fields are better for indoor games or practise since they require less acreage, have less requirements than grass, and are less expensive."

Turf grounds in Pakistan:

"Pakistan, like other countries, has approved the turf ground system for training purposes, and the Pakistani government has constructed numerous turf fields throughout the country, particularly in Islamabad. In Islamabad, they have installed more than ten grass fields. Even now, schools and universities have erected their own turf grounds to assist students, such as the roots international education system, which has done so, and many others.
The concept of turf ground has now been accepted by clubs and academies."

NFA turf

Turf 1

Model town football academy

And many more.

Hazara pool:

"Football Field The company Astro Turf Hazara Pool is situated in Islamabad. They are Pakistan's largest supplier of artificial grass. Their main goal is to produce the highest quality artificial grass products for the sports market. The company has maintained its image and has a large number of satisfied customers. Moreover, our AstroTurf product is used by a number of hockey and football teams. In fact, FIFA has certified them as the only company in the world. Based in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan's football venue operator. We provide 5,6,7,8,11-a-side football ground pitches that are designed to satisfy a variety of football field requirements, including full, small, and training fields, and are utilised extensively."

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