Famous Football Personalities of Pakistan


Famous football personalities of Pakistan

There are a lot of Pakistani players which make us proud on national and international level but unfortunately they will probably never make it to the Premier League's list of top goal scorers ever.

Here is the list of some footballers who counted as the best footballers of Pakistan.

1.     Hassan Bashir

Hassan Naveed Bashir is 33 years old and currently he plays for the Denmark's Second Division East Club BSV and of course for the Pakistan national team as a striker. Hassan Bashir mostly played as a forward player in his career and he spent his more time in Denmark where he was assigned different attacking position in the field because of his attacking strategies such as midfielder, second striker and some time as a center forward player.

2.     Yousuf Butt

Yousuf Butt is 30 years old and he is the first goalkeeper for Pakistan's national football team. Yousuf butt (goalkeeper) was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, but he himself chose Pakistan instead of Denmark and presented himself as a Pakistani goalkeeper. He is known as "The Wall" of South Asia and is admired for his unique style of play and he’s known for his quick temper, excellent shot stopping ability, command of his territory and accuracy in ball distribution. He’s currently playing for Denmark in the Greve Fodbold (Denmark's fourth division).

3.     Kaleemullah Khan

Kaleemullah Khan is 29 years old and was born in Chaman, Baluchistan, Pakistan and he’s currently playing for the National team. Just like Hassan kaleemullah is also deployed in different position in the field such as striker center forward etc. kaleemullah is the only player who scored a goal in English premier league.

4.     Adnan Ahmed

Adan Ahmed is 35 years old and he was born in Burnley and lived in Barnoldswick, Lancashire. Adnan Ahmed is a Pakistani international footballer. He Starts his career in 2003 from Huddersfield Town, then he moved to Tran mere Rovers and played there for three years. In 2009 he signed a contract with Hungarian club, Ferencvarosi. After one year, he went to Abu Muslim, Iran for a short time. Adnan Ahmed played 27 matches and scored nine goal for Pakistan.



5.     Zesh Rehman

Zesh Rehman is 36 years old and he was born in Birmingham, England. Zesh was 1st Pakistani to play in their British league matches, in all division of England before him nobody else had played. And of course he plays for Pakistan national team. He debuts in 2005 as a defender. He played 25 matches as a Pakistani football player and score 1 goal. Basically Zesh was played as a defender in Pakistan national team. Zesh career started from fulham after that he played for Brighton, hove albion and for Norwich city. Now currently he is the player as well as manager of Hong Kong league club.

6.     Atif Bashir

Atif Bashir is 34 years old footballer and he was not born in Pakistan but in Berlin, West Germany. He is not currently playing football but he played in the welsh football league division two and ended his career in 2017 at the same Welsh Football Club Dina’s Powys, Atif Bashir born to a German-Turkish mother and a British-Pakistani father, Bashir was an excellent defender play at the right back.

7.     Muhammad Essa Khan

Muhammad Essa is 38 years old and he was born in chaman, Baluchistan, Pakistan. who played his entire career in Pakistan. After representing his country at the U-23 level, Asia was given the opportunity to showcase his talents for the entire national team.  He won 2004 and 2006 south Asian games and 2 PPL (Pakistan premium league) and 2 national football cups. No doubt he is the most talented Asian players of his generation, he played 36 match and scored 10 goals. As now he is the assistant coach of the Pakistan national team, hope he pass on his experience to the next generation.




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