Pakistan Football Federation


Pakistan Football Federation:

                                                                                         The Pakistan Football Federation or PFF is responsible for handling all the relations related to the sport in Pakistan such relations include international matches handling local,district&national clubs such clubs include prestigious clubs such as Popo Fc,Smurfs Fc,Markhor Fc and many other teams.

Different Clubs Of Pakistan:

                                                                                 The Pakistan football scene has recently entered the spotlight with different football clubs being made day by day and are constantly increasing in number they are also responsible for producing some of the best football players in the country and such players represent the country and club on national and international stages further highlighting the name of Pakistan on the international scale.

Popo Football Club:

                                                           Popo Fc is one of the most prestigious football clubs of Pakistan with multiple branches throughout the whole country with the major branch being located in Pindi and Islamabad Popo Fc is responsible for creating some of the most talented and well renowned players in the whole country.
Smurfs Fc:

                                Smurfs fc is currently the best football club in Pakistan producing players of international standards from the country Smurfs Fc also hosts international tournaments and participate in such tournaments as well.This doesn’t only support and backup the fact that Pakistan is a football rich country with many talented players that can be seen in such tournaments.


                         Redbull is a Brand of Energy drinks owned by the Australian Company Redbull GmBh redbull is more famous for it’s stunts and sports affiliation than it is for the drink it’s self redbull holds a number of different competitions yearly some of them being football related including som of the best football players in the world and introducing them to new players this helps the knew more unknown players to come out on the spotlight and be shown on the international stage this is also helpful for countries such as Pakistan where there isn’t much awareness about football and isn’t really known on the world stage.
Neymar Jr:

                                 Neymar Junior or Neymar is the 6th Best player in the world currently and has played for multiple world class clubs such as FC Barcelona Psg and is also the current captain of the Brazilian team Neymar junior being one of the best football players in the world is also a brand ambassador and can be seen in multiple events supporting redbull and Redbull Energy.
Redbull Neymar Jr’s 5:

                                                                    Neymar Junior’s 5 is a 5 aside football tournament that is fast paced and tactical it test’s all the basic abilities of the players that are dodging passing dribbling and defending of a player this competition is sponsored by redbull and people from all the world enter this competitions competing for the title of “Neymar’s very own” the final is composed of a team playing a match with neymars personal team composed of Neymar Jr himself the winner gets a grand prize of the trophy of kings and a personal meetup with Neymar junior himself.

PopoFc Semifinalist Neymar Jr’s 5:

                                                                                                    The popo Fc squad of Pakistan was composed of some of the best players in the country such as Murtaza Hassan

To see him [Neymar] in flesh, was the crowning moment of the journey,” recalled Murtuza, the attacking spearhead of Highlanders FC, who represented Pakistan at the Red Bull Neymar Jr’s Five World Finals in 2017 after winning the national finals

Other players of the team included Rana abbas, Moeez Khalid and Hassan Abbas

I could not believe he was right there in front of me,” remembered Anas, whose Raw Talent FC won the national finals in 2018 before flying to Brazil for the world finals

The team fought throughout the tournament and made it to the end scoring a lead till the semi-finals further making the country proud as it was the first time a team from Asia had entered the semi-finals.Although Pakistan lost in the semi-finals coming to such extent and fighting so hard was a pride in it’s self for the Nation.


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